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A talented student with extensive knowledge in technological fields such as IoT, Linux and cloud services, currently pursuing Bachelors of Science in Data Science & Applications from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

  • Complete hands-on development expertise in IoT and hardware-software integration using devices & services like Raspberry Pi, Node-RED, IFTTT and Google Cloud APIs.
  • Practical knowledge of hosting and configuring various applications on the cloud, especially with AWS & LAMP stacks.
  • Excellent familiarity with command-line systems in configuring & managing various applications like storage & media servers, DNS sinkholes, VCS like GitLab & Gitea, Automation servers like Jenkins, and much more, primarily with Debian-based distributions.
  • Understanding of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning concepts, with hands-on experience in training & predicting computer vision & NLP models with TensorFlow.




Internet of Things


Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Web Development


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Age 10

Age 11

  • Learnt my first programming language, JavaScript. I thought of making a playlist online to teach JavaScript to other people. After a few videos, I lost interest and didn't post anymore.

Age 12

  • I got myself a Raspberry Pi, which is a palm-sized, small machine that can run several Linux operating systems. With that, I used python to create many small projects and modules using various sensors.
  • Learnt about robotics, and created various robots with Lego’s EV3 & Arduino

Age 13

Age 14

  • Using a Raspberry Pi, I created my very own Google Home. It witnessed over 350,000 views and more than 8,000 likes on LinkedIn.
  • I was Invited to censhare India, a product-based German IT company, for their town hall meeting to give a presentation and showcase what I’ve created to all the employees.

Age 15

  • Started working with Fiverr to create websites for clients from the UK, US and Germany and made my first earnings.
  • Created "VisiORAL: Human Eye forthe Visually Impaired" aimed at transforming the visual world into the audio world for the blind using Google's Cloud Vision API & a Raspberry Pi. This project has received over 250,000 views and 6000 likes across LinkedIn.
  • "The Changemaker" plaque was awarded by Dr. Amita Chauhan, Chairperson - Amity Group of Schools, in appreciation of the outstanding innovative approach to this project. Also bagged a gold medal in an inter-school competition in NCR.

Age 16

Age 17

  • Learnt about computer vision and got the "Introduction to TensorFlow forArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning" certificate from DeepLearning.AI
  • Created a Rock-Paper-Scissors game trained with TensorFlow to recognise hand gestures and play rock-paper-scissors against the computer.

Age 18

  • Started pursuing Bachelors of Science in Data Science & Applications from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
  • Incorporated & worked on building AllesPay: a platform for employers to provide tax-free meal benefits for their employees & manage their expenses.
  • Joined FamPay (YC S19) as a Product Analyst.

Age 19

  • Working on Leveraging AI at FamPay to build better Customer Support Solutions


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Rock Paper Scissors

with TensorFlow

PC Build

Smart Watchman

with jetson nano & azure

Google Home

with raspberry pi


Human eye for the visually impaired


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